Log Out On Social Media Sites and Express What You Feel

This might be a familiar scene to you. Dinner with friends, the food tastes delicious, drinks are awesomely mixed, everyone is present, the weather is nice for a long talk and guess what’s everybody doing? They are quietly and awkwardly holding their smartphones just browsing for newsfeeds or tweeting on their social media sites.


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What happened?

A lot of people have been talking about how social media sites draw distance between people making them opt for self-isolation thus killing the innate human nature to connect with his own kind. I guess that is partly true as social media sites have become a real deal nowadays. However, it’s not the damage that it does to our humanity that I want to stress out here. It’s the damage it does to our friends and most of all, to ourselves.



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I, too, am guilty of this. Because of my job, I have been staying at home most of the time and opt to talk to people through these social media sites. However, during the past few days, I have decided to break this bad habit and started to actually talk to real people. Here’s what I‘ve discovered.

Social Media Sites Aren’t Really That Bad

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Before this section, you might be under the impression that I despise the social media. But I do not. I believe in its true purpose. That is to connect people who were disconnected by distance. You can easily talk to your friend who is a continent away by just simply sending her an instant message. You can now post updates of your life so that friends can catch up with you. That, I think, is noble. It serves the true purpose of these sites. To build bridges.

And let us not burn those bridges just for the sake of making a social argument we think is necessary for the development of the society.

For me, social media sites aren’t really that bad. We just did not use them the way we should have.

Sometimes, Alienation is Self-Inflicted


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Have you ever felt that one time when your friends seemed to ignore you? Like when you hang out together and they just simply don’t talk to you at all? Have you ever felt that they treat you cold?

Well, sometimes, it’s your fault. You’ve dipped your feet too deep in the puddle of Social Media Sites. You rarely show up on your gatherings (or if you do, you’ll just face your smartphone); they never hear your voice lately; and it seems like you’ve drawn a thick line to separate yourself from them.

See, it’s your fault. So don’t be resentful because you felt like you were out of place. Think again, did you do this to yourself?

You Can’t Help It At Times


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I recently acquired a smartphone (after all these years) and honestly, I, too became attached to the screens. I began posting a lot (more), tweeted a lot and started decreasing my real-world participation. I guess it can’t be helped at times. You can’t seem to remove the glue that sticks your face in the phone. And it’s normal. But again, you have to go through it.
What You Can Do

Okay, let me get this straight. Like what I have said in my previous articles, these are not foolproof formulas. This might come out effective, or it just might not.

  1. Go out more often.
  2. Take breaks from your social media sites
  3. Never ever, use your smartphone while eating
  4. Meet new ‘REAL PEOPLE’
  5. Go to new ‘REAL PLACES’
  6. Try some new ‘REAL THINGS’
  7. Think before you click
  8. Make meaningful connections. Never burn bridges, build new ones instead
  9. Accept your ‘REAL FRIENDS’ the way they are
  10. Go out more often, again.


Social media sites are good. In fact, they are essential to human interaction. But it comes with a risk. You should always put in mind that you still live in a real world. You can’t marry virtual partners here, you can’t even trust those virtual friends of yours. So why not meet real people and be married to real partners? Log out, go out and voice out.

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