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The Sad Song of the Cricket

I love hearing crickets at night. They give me a serene feeling. Whenever I hear crickets chirp, I turn all my lights off, be quiet and savor the song that it sings. This happens rarely and that is why I savor it while it lasts.

The Moment I Knew 1

The Moment I Knew I am In Love With You — A Poetry on Love

I was working on a poetry on love the past hours. At first, I was doubtful if I could write for today but somehow, this poem got through me.

I had some struggles writing this one because I tried free verse which is really not my forte. As a person who write poems (I don’t call myself poet because I’m nowhere close to those guys), I love rhymes and meters so this is a new world to me. Anyways, this poem is about me, again, of course. I hope you find some inspiration (?) or lesson in this poem. Enjoy!

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Come Home

“Come Home” is a poem dedicated to all the people who miss their homes. They...


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