My Crazy Dream Within A Dream Experience

Over the years, I have had some crazy dream within a dream experiences. The first time I ever experienced such creepy subconscious activity dates two years ago and if there is one thing you need to know about this experience is that it's not at all pleasant.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

With Iron Man and Thor now had movies of their own after rocking out NYC (and destroying most of it), the Cap now gets his own shot at a sequel. With all the excitement building up towards the second installment of Avengers and the spectacular performance of the two aforementioned superheroes, this movie has a

20 Songs That Give Me The Feels

The reason that I brought up this topic is to give you my playlist of songs that give me the feels. These songs, aren’t necessarily sad by nature but they make me nostalgic, and, sometimes, sad. Don’t take the last sentence literally because I love listening to these songs. Somehow, they let me go back

I Want Someone

I envy people who have found the one person that would make them feel loved and happy and contented. Most of the times, I secretly end up wishing that I’d have the same person right beside me but sadly, that is not the world where I live in right now. The world where I live

A New Start: What I Learned From Losing Everything

Last Saturday, an old feeling I tried to bury deep in my heart resurfaced and made me really sad. For the second time in my life, I felt the feeling of losing everything. And what makes it frustrating this time is that I inflicted this corrupting feeling for myself.