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Date a Guy Who Writes

The first thing you should know when you plan to date a guy who writes is that you can never take them as a trophy. Normally, writers have some sort of image problem. They are erratic with their quirks, usually close to being broke and practically invisible (that is, if he’s not a New York Times best seller). In reality, dating a writer wouldn’t be cool-sounding like dating a musician but if you’ll look into it, it could be one hell of an experience.

11 Signs that You are a Hopeless Romantic

Of all the definitions I have looked into, nothing defines a hopeless romantic like Urban Dictionary did. According to its definition of the word, a hopeless romantic is a person who is in love with love. These are the types of people who believe in true love and fairytales. Although sometimes seen as creepy, these people are actually idealists, or to be put more eloquently, sentimental dreamers – people who are imaginative and fanciful when they meet you.

Log Out On Social Media Sites and Express What You Feel

Social media sites are good. In fact, they are essential to human interaction. But it comes with a risk. You should always put in mind that you still live in a real world. You can’t marry virtual partners here, you can’t even trust those virtual friends of yours. So why not meet real people and be married to real partners? Log out, go out and voice out.

Home is Where the Heart Isn’t?

We all have places which we consider homes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we lived in them. Sometimes, it’s just a place where we shared good company and created memories. But one day, we all leave our homes. We go do different places, meet new people and create new memories. That’s a part of life. Moving on is essential because, as I quote from a movie I once watched, “Any place you don’t leave is prison.”

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