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FIBA World Cup 2014 Frenzy

  The basketball world is going crazy right now as the FIBA World Cup 2014 is reaching its peak.  Basketball pundits, enthusiasts and fans are now psyched to watch which of the...

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Does Bad Grammar Mean Bad Writing?

  Bad grammar is probably the second worst nightmare writers dread. (Of course, nothing scares the hell out of writers than writer’s block) But does having an impeccable grammar directly...

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The Sad Song of the Cricket

I love hearing crickets at night. They give me a serene feeling. Whenever I hear crickets chirp, I turn all my lights off, be quiet and savor the song that it sings. This happens rarely and that is why I savor it while it lasts.

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The Old Man and the See Saw

  I give you The Old Man and the See Saw, another free-verse poem I wrote. By the way, sorry for not being able to write for the past days. To...


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